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13 Tips For Traveling Cheap


Do you want to extremely travel cheap? Here’s how to save a few extra bucks while you are out travelling.

Cheap And Affordable Accomodation

1) Hostels. Staying at a hostel is one of the most social aspects of any backpacker’s trip. A dorm can be very cheap, but staying in close quarters to a few other people you don’t know may not be for everyone.

2) Couchsurfing. You can stay with a host for free during the duration of your stay. Some hosts have extra rooms, while some only have a literal couch for you to stay on. Did I mention that it’s free? This gives you a chance to bond with the locals and see how it is to live in the country you are visiting. Don’t forget to show your host your appreciation by giving them a little token or doing some chores for them!

3) AirBnB/VRBO – The world is abuzz with this new type of accommodation. Works almost the same as couchsurfing where you get to immerse in the local culture, and the owners rent out extra rooms for travelers and generally charge lower than a hotel. It also gives you the privacy that you may want, without paying more.

4) Hotels– If you have enough points, you can stay at a 5-star hotel for free! (Check out our travel hacking – hotels post for more information).


Getting From One Place To Another

1. Hitchhiking. Although not the safest idea, hitchhiking is definitely cheap. Catching a ride with a random stranger to a random destination can be an adventure in itself.

2. Rideshares. Met someone in your hostel who has a car and is going to the same destination that you are? Sweet! Just offer to pay your share of the expenses and you have saved yourself some money and gained a new friend along the way. Just make sure you guys don’t end up hating and wanting to kill each other before you reach your final destination though! Other alternates are making the use of Uber or Lyft (if they are available in the destination you are in).

3. Taking local transportation. Be it the chicken bus or a luxury sleeper bus, this is often a cheap and fast method in getting from one place to another. Try to book in advance if you have set travel plans, you wouldn’t want to give up your spot!

4. Cycling. Faster than the walking alternative and involves human power. Enough said.

5. Walking. There was this guy who walked all across America and he chronicled his travels through his blog. Yes, you have two feet and you can make the most of your travels by walking around. You can go pretty much everywhere if you walk, it just depends if you have the time and stamina for it.


Eating Cheap While Travelling

1. Eat street food. No, you will not get sick, as long as you pick a place with high turnover of food (i.e. where the locals eat, and where the crowds are). In more developed countries, the stalls have hygienic grades, depending on how they conform to the country’s standards (think Singapore).

2. Cook your own meals. Go to a local market, buy ingredients and cook in a hostel. Sure, you may not get the local flavor, but if you are low on budget, then this is a good alternative.

3. Convenience stores can be a lifesaver. Some convenience stores offer very cheap precooked meals that you can just purchase. In some parts of Southeast Asia, like Vietnam, buying food from vendors is cheaper than cooking at home!

4. Hotel breakfasts – If a hotel you’re staying in (for free) offers breakfast, that’s also a score! It could become lunch – two birds with one stone!




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