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360-Degree Suitcase Cam Video: Take A Fascinating Rollercoaster Journey With Your Luggage At Airport

Have you ever wondered what happens to your luggage between check-in and the plane and vice versa? Many airports are just enormous so you’ve probably realised the bags have a long way to travel to reach their destinations. What kinds of bags and machines the luggage meets along the way and who handles it?

Now you can experience the whole trip thanks to a 360-degree suitcase cam courtesy of the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport!


One way to find out what goes on behind the scenes is to work at an airport, but that won’t show you the whole truth. The truth seen by the bag itself.


Thanks to the good folks at Schiphol Airport, now you can take a 360-degree view video roller coaster ride with your luggage shot from the suitcase point of view.

WATCH HERE: 360-degree view suitcase cam video

This video shot with a camera attached to a suitcase will take you on the solitary journey your bag takes after leaving your hands at every check-in, and after a flight before it gets back to its owner.

You’ll see the Wall-E type robots your bag meets in their daily work, and one long, winding rollercoaster journey it goes through.



The video was shot at the Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam. Watch it here.




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