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7 Crazy Things You’ll See While You Travel


What is out there may be completely different from what you’re used to. Here’s a list of what you will see when you travel to other destinations.

1. Squat Toilets


It’s literally a hole on the floor. You squat and you do your business (need guidance?).

Oh, one more thing: remember to bring your own toilet paper. Most third world countries don’t provide that as a courtesy for you so best be prepared. But hey, you know this is actually the healthiest way to poop..!

2. High-Tech Toilets


Speaking of toilets, have you seen the Japanese one? Commonly found in Japan and Korea, these are amazing! It has the ability to warm the seat up for you, even gives you background music, and helps you clean up after you do your business with the built in bidet.

Can I just add what a novelty this was for me and my travel buddies when we saw this in Korea?

3. Outdoor Toilets That Clean Up After You


For the price of a few coins, you can find one of these outdoor toilets and do your business!

Scared that it’s unhygienic? Some of them clean up after you, spraying the toilet bowl and the whole facilities after you leave (so don’t try to avoid paying by entering when another person is leaving…you’ll get wet!). How’s that for the money you paid for?

4. “Extraordinary” Street Food


You can find these most notably in China. As they say, the Chinese can eat anything that walks – so you’ll see bugs and other creepy crawlies available at their food stalls.

In Taiwan, you’ll find the stinky tofu, which apparently is a delicacy in itself. In Malaysia & the Philippines, you can try the durian but do not attempt to bring it on a plane! You’ll get a fine otherwise.

5. The Chicken Bus


This is the way most locals travel – extremely crowded yet cheap. You’ll find this in South America and certain parts of Asia. In the Philippines, the chicken bus is most notably known as the jeepney.


6. Tricycles/tuktuks


Different countries call it different names but the logic is the same: get a motorbike and put a car behind it or to the side of it where passengers can ride. It’s quite bumpy but also the way most locals commute from one place to another.

7. Spitting On The Streets

Good thing there’s no photo for this one.

Chinese people are more commonly known to spit on the streets but that doesn’t mean other people from certain countries don’t – be careful where you step!

These are some (but not all) of the crazier things you’ll see when you travel. Just embrace the experience and after all, it is a part of why you travel, right? To see what’s on the other side.



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