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This Finnish Video Captures The Magical Nordic Summers Perfectly

Our video inspiration today comes from Finland – the country known as The Land of The Thousand Lakes. There are a little over 5.5 million people in Finland and it is often described being, among other things, peaceful and spacious.

This beautiful music video captures the mesmerizingly the magical ambiance of the Nordic summers when it never gets dark. You may not understand the (few) words, but as it turns out, that doesn’t matter at all.


The estimated amount of lakes and large ponds in Finland is almost 190 000. The lakes are considered a matter of pride and many Finns have a summer place by a lake.


In Finland it is probably more common for a family to own a summer place than not to. Finns usually like to spend their summer holidays and especially the most important holiday of the summer, Midsummer, by their summer place with friends and family. Midsummer is normally a combination of time spent together, bathing in Sauna, barbecue, some bubbles, a bonfire and relaxing. Imagine that!




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