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How To Get Free Stuff While Traveling


When you are travelling, you’ll find that you have a lot more time on your hands. However, you won’t really want to splurge just to entertain yourself. That extra $6 for a magazine could be enough for a few days of street food or beer in Vietnam! So, for the frugal traveller (and practical folks), here’s a few tips on how to find free entertainment while on the road.

1) Try to find free stuff like newspapers, books or magazines that you can pick up while waiting.

Other travellers often leave magazines or books they have finished reading to at least lessen the load they have sitting on their backpacks. Oftentimes, you can also pick up some free area-related magazines at the tourist information desk (you can use this two-fold – one to learn more about the place you are visiting and you can read it while on your way to the hotel or hostel. Once you’re done with it, pass it on!)

2) Download a bunch of podcasts (travel or business related) to fill up your phone or your tablet before you leave.

If you go through iTunes, you can just search for the podcast that you feel like listening to. For those of you not in the know, a podcast is sort of a radio program. The top travel podcast is the Extra Pack of Peanuts ( It provides travel tips and interviews with other well known travel bloggers. Other such examples are Tim Ferriss’ podcast (of the four-hour work week fame). These podcasts are normally free and once you’re done with it, you can just delete it from your devices. No additional space to fill up your limited luggage space!

3) Download audiobooks & ebooks.

If you’re a voracious reader or want to be in the know about the latest books that are making the waves, this is an excellent way to be entertained! Audible provides a free trial where you can download an audiobook. Once that trial period is up, before you leave for your travels, try to go to your local library and download a CD. You will need to convert it into a digital format like Windows Media Player and pop it to your device and listen away.


4) Watch streaming shows or videos online.

This involves an internet connection or a plugin that would download the video for you and save it in your electronic device. It could be one of the shows you like (i.e. go to a channel’s website like ABC and they normally offer streaming videos of their shows), or YouTube videos.

5) Read blogs or other articles online.

This involves having a free WiFi Access that you can get at an airport or from your hotel/hostel. Catch up with news articles or your favourite travel blog sites while you’ve got the chance.


6) People watch.

An eternal favourite. Sometimes you can see the funniest things while watching people go about their daily business.

7) Make friends with the locals!

In our opinion, this is the best form of entertainment when travelling. You could show them some of your culture, and learn theirs too. It’s a chance to pick up the local language and you’ll dig deeper in the country that you’re visiting.



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