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Extreme Cheapskates: The Travel Edition


Did you know that traveling can save you money? In this article, we’ll tell you how…

If you booked your vacation using miles & points (assuming you got a free flight using frequent flyer miles & a free hotel using your points), with a reimbursement of your other travel expenses c/o cash back cards (i.e. Barclay’s Card/Discover), the only things you’ll have to pay for are your food & your transportation.

If you live in the US and decided to visit Southeast Asia, the amount that you pay for food would be much less compared to what you are spending in America. You can actually buy beer for as little as $1! It’s something that you can’t do back home (whether it be the US, Canada, Europe, or Australia) – so that’s cheap for you.


If you are staying in a hotel, grab all the hotel toiletries and keep them. Those toiletries can last you a month at home – no need to go to the grocery ☺. Helps if you are a frequent weekend traveller, too, as those things will pile up and you’ll just keep on using them.

Keep those shower caps, too – those are great as shoe liners when you travel (no dirt from underneath your shoe will get to your clothes). If slippers are included, keep them – great for lounging around the house. Those were included in your hotel booking, might as well make the most of it.

Try to scout several deal sites for the destination that you’re going to. They may have deals for activities you want to do or restaurants that you may want to eat in. It will save you money for the things you budgeted on doing anyway. Win-win!


Check your credit card offers – some credit cards like American Express offer statement credit for certain things you’ll need to do anyway – like a $10 statement credit for a minimum $10 bill with Uber (making your ride free, in theory). You get the points, and a statement credit. Hurrah!

Check the websites of hotels or airlines for deals. Competition between companies can drive prices down and they do all sorts of promotions to get you points and pay less for your room.



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