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Where Have You Travelled? Reminisce Your Travels With This Cool Poster

The GO! World poster is one cool invention: a changeable world map poster made of black sticker. The base under the sticker is white so each time you peel open a country you’ve visited, the poster changes. You can also color the white parts with colors if you want to – and choose what the colors mean to you (e.g. if you’ve been there more than 3 times or if you’d want to go back again some day etc).


Photo by Bold Tuesday

The poster has a very elegant design and reminds you of your travel experiences as well as lets your guests see where you’ve been. It is a wonderful gift idea for a traveling friend or relative.

Photo by Bold Tuesday

Photo by Bold Tuesday

You can be creative with the map by coloring the countries you’ve been and heck, maybe even make a whole travel wall! You can print some of your travel photos and fasten them on the wall next to the poster and connect the photos to the countries with e.g. string and pins. Use your imagination to create the most beautiful travel poster that reflects your own personality.


Bold Tuesday has also designed a GO! Europe map and some other cool and innovative posters.


You can get the posters at Bold Tuesday’s.



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